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Knowledge of trivision billboard


Trivision billboard, because of its unique advertising expression - dynamic and three-sided value-added, makes it superior to ordinary road signs, but also different from neon lights, electronic screens, and other outdoor advertising media. With its strong visual impact, it forms a personality of both quality and excellence and becomes an excellent guide media both inside and outside the house. Nowadays, it has been widely used in stations, airports, docks, stadiums, walls, and roofs of large buildings and other outdoor. At the same time, there are also great applications indoors in exhibitions, shopping malls, entertainment venues, door decorations, etc. Let's take a look at the knowledge of trivision billboards.

Here is the content list:

l History of trivision billboard

l Technical characteristics of trivision billboards

l The technology of trivision billboard

l Flip mode

l Function Realization

History of trivision billboard

It is composed of a set of special aluminum trigonal prisms positioned side by side, and the trigonal prisms are driven by motors to continuously rotate to form three images, with a unique dynamic advertising display and triple value-added space. Born in the early 1990s, the trivision billboard quickly became popular in Europe and America due to its excellent product features. It not only has a rhythmic dynamic effect and triple performance space, but also has a low operating cost and high efficiency, and maintenance-free features.

The trivision billboard is favored by advertisers abroad mainly for two reasons: first, its dynamic communication method, and second, its ability to complete a storyline most concisely.

Technical characteristics of trivision billboards

Compared with ordinary outdoor road signs, trivision billboards have two major features and advantages: first, they carry a large amount of advertising, three times more than ordinary outdoor road signs; second, they are eye-catching, with intermittent flips and pauses, more able to trigger the attention of the passing crowd and achieve greater advertising effects.

The technology of trivision billboard

The three-sided trivision billboard is composed of three-pronged pillars positioned side by side at one level. The three prisms are made of special aluminum profiles, and all the prisms are driven by motors to rotate around their central axis, using the three sides of the prisms to form three images. The logic controller is the core of the triple flip control system, accepting the input signal from the proximity switch and controlling the start/stop of the billboard motor after the system logic processing.

Flip mode

The following flipping modes are common for trivision billboards. Wave type: flip from one side to the other in sequence. Open type: sequential turning from the middle to both sides (two or more motors are required). Closing type: sequential flipping from both sides to the middle rendezvous (requires the use of two or more motor types: all prisms flip at the same time (for small areas).

Function Realization

A three-sided flip billboard needs to achieve the following functions. Automatic reset function: multiple motors rotate to the same position and then stop to keep all sub-frames on the same screen. Time adjustment function: adjust the dwell time of each screen. Timing switch function: maximum 4 time periods per day, stop when the screen needs to be kept in place Overload protection function: when the actual screen flip time exceeds the designed screen flip time, the system thinks the motor is overloaded and stops. Display and modify the set parameters function: monitor the working status at any time.

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