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Stainless steel shelter two maintenance skills


Stainless steel shelter two maintenance skills because of the appearance of stainless steel shelter fashion and durable, so become a very common type of shelter.  Although stainless steel shelter corrosion resistance is strong, but also should pay attention to daily maintenance, and maintenance method is appropriate to extend the service life of the shelter  

Skill one, clean up from inside to outside  

Many city maintenance of stainless steel shelter when there is a problem, that is mainly focused on the appearance of the clean.  But in fact, the correct maintenance order of the shelter is from the inside out, first to check the lighting system and rolling system and other internal components, and then to clean the external contour.  

And like the lighting system or rolling device surface attached to the impurities of dust should be cleaned regularly, and check whether the cooling hole is blocked, so as to ensure that the shelter internal electrical good operation, and then the use of the correct way to clean the shelter contour.  

Skills two, regular maintenance soft clean  

When cleaning the shelter contour there is a problem is the use of corrosive detergent, this is often because the shelter flow is always attached to very stubborn stains, but in fact with corrosive detergent for stainless steel material a lot of damage.  

Stainless steel corrosion resistance is not rust and its surface has a layer of coating has a direct relationship, and corrosive detergent is easy to corrosion off this layer of coating, and then make stainless steel tarnish or even rust, so it is recommended to use soft cleaning agent when cleaning shelter.