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Installation and maintenance of trivision billboard


Originated in Europe, the trivision billboard is a kind of outdoor advertising media for the 21st century. It consists of a set of aluminum trigonal pillars positioned side by side. Through PLC controller control, motor drive, and cam drive, all the three prisms rotate around their central axis and flip in different forms and sequences according to a pre-set way to form three dynamic images.

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l Installation and maintenance

l Maintenance

Installation and maintenance

1. Base bracket: The trivision billboard should be installed on a solid metal bracket or the wall of a building. The base bracket is designed and made by the purchaser. It should be designed and made by the purchaser, and need strict calculation of the foundation pressure and bracket wind strength so that it can reach the metal bracket and the self-weight of the trivision billboard to the foundation pressure requirements, and reach the local maximum wind resistance requirements. If the trivision billboard is installed on the metal bracket, the back of the bracket should be closed with an iron plate to avoid the light transmission behind it and affecting the effect of the picture.

Requirements for the accuracy of the foundation bracket production: Firstly, the horizontal beam is required to be horizontal and the vertical column is required to be vertical. Second, the screen length direction requires unevenness of less than 10 mm, in the screen height direction requires the upper and lower beams are not parallel less than 20 mm. Requirements for the strength of the foundation bracket production: the lower crossbeam is the load-bearing structure to support the weight of the trivision billboard, requiring that the elastic deformation generated at each point connected with the trivision billboard shall not exceed 2mm. Special reminder: the design and production of the foundation bracket should be designed and produced by professional and technical personnel with grade qualifications.

2. Installation steps: according to the size requirements, first install the upper and lower outer frame of the trivision billboard (requiring the inner angle of the outer frame to be 90 degrees) fixed on the bracket, then connect the left and right outer frame with the upper and lower frame, and finally install the trigonometric screen.

3. Replace the screen: first turn off the power, lift the trigon upward by 20mm, then move the trigon laterally from the bottom, and the upper end of the trigon will be disconnected automatically.

The screen is usually made of instant stickers with adhesive backing, which can be cut longitudinally into several strips 140 mm wide, numbered, and attached to the trigon in order (in the process of disassembly and moving, the trigon should not be strongly hit to prevent permanent deformation of the trigon, deformation of the trigon will lead to operational failure).


Before starting the maintenance to open the trigonometric billboard frame equipped with mechanical devices, the main power should be turned off first.

1. Gears: steel gears between the motor and transmission spindle should be lubricated with grease once every six months of continuous operation.

2. Plastic gear: The cam disk in the trigonometric drive is made of synthetic material, which itself has a self-lubricating function and does not need to add any lubricant.

3. Trivision billboard screen and outer frame cleaning: clean with a low-pressure water spray gun and then wipe dry (do not clean in the frost season).

Other: screen production and lighting: trivision billboard involves screen production and lighting, in addition to the bare sign and the basic support. First, the screen production: computer spray painting. Suggestion: 300dpi. material: high-quality outdoor sticker. Second, generally set up a set of lamps and lanterns every 2-2.5 meters, according to the height of the choice of specifications 250W-400W high color temperature floodlights.

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